Honeymoon Registry

This honeymoon gift registry is similar to a store based registry. The couple has registered for items they wish to receive as wedding gifts. They may have registered components of their honeymoon or destination wedding.  As their friends and family,  you will give portions of their vacation celebration as wedding gifts! Instead of asking for a crock pot, your couple may have requested an upgrade for their honeymoon suite, a couple’s massage or a romantic dinner as wedding gifts. Your couple is using this registry to have a once in a lifetime trip and experiences that will make long lasting memories.

You should use this registry to purchase a unique gift that will help your couple have the honeymoon of their dreams. Wedding couples chose a honeymoon registry for different reasons. Some have already lived together and have the household items they need. Others are hoping that guests will give them experiences they could not otherwise afford, making for experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. They have chosen to use this registry so that they know ahead of time how much they can spend on their trip extras like massages, romantic dinners, upgrades or excursions. 

During the checkout process you will choose either to send an online gift announcement or mail a customized deluxe gift card. The online gift announcement is an electronic message that is delivered via email to your couple. The gift card carries your personal message and is mailed to them or to you to hand carry to the wedding or shower.

In general, the total cost of the gift can be obtained by multiplying the amount requested times the quantity requested. The amounts listed for each gift request are based on the suggested total cost for both as provided by our suppliers. Your couple may divide the gift into smaller amounts taking into consideration the different budgets of their guests. You can choose to contribute toward the entire gift cost or give the entire amount requested. When you go through the purchase process, you can select to give several gifts amounts or to purchase multiple items.