Travel Restrictions During Covid-19

Travel restrictions won’t last forever.   Where are you dreaming of going? Having to stay home during the pandemic isn’t easy for anyone. Even if you are getting good things from the slowed pace, or are finding unexpected joy in the quiet — this time can still be a...

Apart from historical places, historical shops in Rome are another thing that makes Rome popular among tourists and travel lovers. Experience the history of Rome with these amazing historical shops and restaurants.

The environs of Rome’s Spanish Steps and Via Condotti, while steeped in history and romance, are today a haven for global luxury fashion brands. From the monolithic Christian Dior store that overlooks the steps to the sumptuous Louis Vuitton boutique, the biggest labels in the world have made these cobbled streets their home. The prominence of these world-class major names, however, helps to make finding artisanal, handcrafted, labour-intensive, custom-made pieces all the more exciting. Finding these gems is the fashion equivalent of truffle hunting. In today’s fast-fashion world, under-the-radar artisan brands with a sense of heritage are the equivalent of gold dust and Rome, happily, has a rich treasure trove to offer.

Hidden riches

Near the bustling streets around the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti, one can find ivy-draped Via Margutta, where Roman Holiday was filmed, tucked away from the main streets and lined with sumptuous Roman townhouses in shades of buttercup yellow, sepia and tangerine. It’s here that Saddlers Union, established in 1957, keeps a discreet workroom and emporium, with no signage or window displays. Saddlers Union was founded when the city’s film stars made their way across the cobbles to seek out the brand’s expertly crafted leather pieces. Jackie Onassis made the distinctive Saddlers Union bucket bag an iconic style piece; Italian aristocrats such as Gianni Agnelli bought their custom-made travel bags here. When it comes to quiet, stealth luxury, no one does it quite like Saddlers Union.

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Travel Guide: Tips At All Inclusive Resorts

Travel Guide: Tips At All Inclusive Resorts

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