You could live a lifetime in Rome and still have thousands of new things to discover. Planning a trip to Rome is something that you are never going to regret!

That’s why the eternal city is a destination to travel to again and again, and, while it’s definitely ancient, it will never get old! There’s something profoundly enchanting about Rome, something that seeps deep inside of you and binds your soul. And you can trust me to tell you this, because I’ve lived and travelled quite a bit around the world but, magically, there’s something that always takes me back to Rome.

What to do on a trip to Rome?

Rome is a large metropolitan city but the area most visitors are interested in, the historical center or Centro Storico, is pretty condensed. You can walk from the Colosseum to the Vatican, almost opposite sides of the historical center or “center” for short, in an hour.

The center is the place to be in Rome and each neighborhood is really great.  I prefer the northern sections like Piazza Navona and Spanish Steps.  I think they are classical Roman/Italian and super nice. Here are the best areas to consider:

Again, I really like anything near the Spanish Steps as I like being in the thick of it. It will come with a price tag but savvy travelers find deals. We have an article you can bookmark that goes much further into dept on each area.

There are literally unlimited things to do in Rome. From visiting the Sistine Chapel to an underground apothecary run by priests.  It is a limitless city.  This list should take you 5 or 10 visits to get through ( ;

Be sure to bookmark our article that goes more into depth on visiting each one of these monuments.

Top Museums

Top Monuments

Must-See Gardens & Parks

  • Villa Doria Pamphili
  • Villa Borghese
  • Park of the Acquedotti
  • Giardino degli Aranci
  • Vatican Gardens
  • Villa Ada Savoia
  • Villa Sciarra

Absolutely Free Things To Do on a trip to Rome

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When you travel to Italy, one thing that you should do is experience Gelatos in Italy.

First, let’s identify the recommended location to purchase your gelato. You have the obvious, gelateria, the bar, the pasticceria and even the supermarket. The gelateria is the place to be, where they specialize in just gelato, where you will find the largest selection, the freshest flavors and the most qualified staff to scoop you the perfect gelato.

Up next is the bar. Keep in mind that the “bar” in Italy isn’t selling you beer and wine, but it’s essentially a cafe. Their specialty is espresso, cappuccino and morning pastry. They all frequently sell gelato, especially in the summer months. Next is the pasticcerie. They specialize in pastries, such as rum babas, spogliatelle, paragine and so much more.

They are delicious and glorious, but they do not specialize in gelato. Like bars, they might sell some gelato in the summer, but it’s not the first place to go if gelato is what you’re after. Next is the supermarket. Picking up some gelato at the supermarket while doing your weekly shopping is a great option. Even the mass produced, packaged gelato is of great quality and far superior and tastier than what we know as ice cream here in the U.S.

So, with all that in mind, I highly suggest going to a gelateria for your best gelato experience. Bars are a close second option, and I should emphasize that while their flavor selection is perhaps smaller, the quality is still great.

If you are used to earting your food first, then paying for it, you’re going to have to change that mentality for the gelateria. You actually pay first. For most shops, when you walk in, you will see a beautiful window displaying their goods. Tucked in some corner in the gelateria, or perhaps in full view, you will see a counter clerk sitting behind a cash register. (Yes, cashiers sit in Italy.) It is there that you go and pay for your treats. Tell him or her what you want and how many, pay accordingly and he/she will hand you a receipt. If you aren’t sure yet what you want, it’s perfectly acceptable to take a peek first, before making your way to pay. Next up, take that receipt to the clerk behind the counter to be served. Keep in mind, gelaterie in the summer get very crowded and Italians don’t like forming lines, for just about anything! Be respectable, but do let them know when you are next (if in fact, you are). Usually, waving your receipt to the clerk will get their attention.

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The favorite city by lovers, Venice is the ideal place to plan your romantic getaway. With our Honeymoon travel guide, we have brought together some amazing facts about Venice:

The favorite city by lovers, Venice is the ideal place to plan your romantic getaway. If you want to amaze your lover then treat yourself to a romantic holiday, where in every street, canal and corner of the city you can breathe a unique and beautiful atmosphere.

Venice Highlights for Honeymoon Travel Guide

*Stay 3 nights at the hotel Bonvecchiati in a Superior room and get the St. Valentine’s dinner at the restaurant “LA TERRAZZA”

* Stay 3 nights at the hotel Palace Bonvecchiati in a Deluxe room and get the St. Valentine’s dinner at the restaurant “LA TERRAZZA”

* Stay 2 nights at the hotel Santa Chiara and get Free Bottle of Prosecco in the room

* Stay 2 nights at the hotel Locanda Vivaldi and get Free Bottle of Prosecco in the room

Suggested Experiences

Romantic private Gondola ride

When romanticism and love are running through your veins and you cannot wait to see your sweetheart blinded by passion, here is your choice to demonstrate to your fiancée that you really care. A marvelous and enchanting gondola ride through the inner canals of Venice will let you discover the city from a different point of view. You will breath the atmosphere of the most ancient city in the world built on water. You will touch the sky when you will be served a romantic lunch or dinner in a lovely Venetian restaurant.

Private Excursion to Murano Island

Enjoy an excursion to the island of Murano by private boat with a personal tour guide. Murano is famous worldwide for its glass making since 10th century. Enjoy your visit admiring some of Venice’s best glass craftsmen at work! Your guide will accompany you through the discovery of the techniques of this ancient art, in a tour which includes a demonstration by real glass craftsmen! The glassblowing art is recognized in all the world such as synonym of beauty. After the glass-making demonstration, the guide will bring you around Murano narrating secrets and histories of the Island. You’ll visit also the marvelous Church of San Donato (if it is opened) a masterpiece of Venetian architecture.

Private Gondola Serenade

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a private serenade during a pleasant gondola ride! A cruise through the most charming canals and attractions of Venice.

Trip Highlights:

  • Your private serenade on the Gran Canal
  • Exclusive experience to live the real soul of Venice
  • Professional musicians will perform popular Italian songs
  • Romantic Dinner in a special location:
  • Romantic dinner for two on a sailboat in Venice
  • Dinner over the Venetian Rooftops

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